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  • Brand of on-board Navigator: what is the significance of on-board navigation?

    2021-09-02 638

    Like the sunroof and headlight cleaning, which look tall but don't need it, the use of on-board navigation feels the same, which is very bad. Not to mention that some on-board navigation screens are poor and UI design is poor, but the reaction sensitivity that looks like a resistive screen is now crazy. So why are car companies still very enthusiastic about using such poor on-board navigation?

    The primary role of on-board navigation is to help drivers identify road traffic. Now that mobile phones are developing so rapidly, the utilization rate of car machines is far lower than that of mobile phones. It can be verified by looking at the sales of mobile phone brackets on the Internet: customers often rely more on mobile phones than car machines. For example, the author opens a navigation when they get on the bus, The map of on-board interconnection system is not only updated slowly, but also operated disorderly, and the application feeling is quite poor.

    For this point, some car companies can say that they have a thorough grasp of customers' thoughts. They have considered mobile phone brackets for customers in the original factory. Although the low configuration models are not equipped with on-board navigation, they are equipped with "humanized" mobile phone brackets for customers. It is not too much to distinguish the concave convex matching of products. After all, car machines are not produced by car companies, The purchased car engine has cost control.


    Therefore, the main reason why car enterprises are still enthusiastic about such a chicken rib car machine is that it can become an additional cost to improve the selling point of products, and then obtain higher prices and higher profits.

    Now the car machine has become one of the research and expansion fields of car enterprises. How to make the car machine more humanized, more intelligent and networked, and use the car machine to assist in driving is now one of the current development directions. For example, windlink of spring breeze and zebra Zhixing of SAIC are the research achievements in this field. The car machine in the future will not only be used for navigation, It can also be more networked and intelligent.

    In addition to helping to control and improve the winning rate of products, another important role of the car machine is to "look at the atmosphere". In this society where I have you or not, you are a lower level, the car machine has also become one of the goals for customers to compete with each other. Just like the small black board work of kx7 in those years, when others are equipped with a larger central control screen with a sense of science and technology, Kx7 uses such a cheap small blackboard, which inevitably depreciates its price

    In fact, now the car navigation is very weak, and its ease of use is far less convenient than that of the mobile phone. However, in the future, it is not only a car navigation, but also an intelligent assistant, which can help the driver complete more work. Under this background, the car can also improve the visual feeling of the interior decoration, and make the profit and price of the whole vehicle a higher level.

    Article source: vehicle navigator brand http://www.ruanzhuangban.com


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